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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sell Your Soul To The Devil

Well fellow bloggers, here is a chance to make some Noise.

I am giving away 25% of NoiseDiary to EVERYONE!*

Oh, see that * up there... Well that means there is a catch!

We are looking for people to SHARE the NoiseDiary link on their blogs, social networking sites... ANYWAY POSSIBLE!

Write a 'glowing' review, encourage others to visit the site. DO WHATEVER IT TAKES!

Leave a comment below and I will divide 25% of all the profits between everyone that comments.

If you would like to 'assist' in the money making process, please feel free to click on the ads at the bottom of the page at


  1. The asterisk is tempting nonetheless.

  2. asterisks always get me...following...and might be reviewing...

  3. this is a good idea and a good site, just needs a few more people to get on board and i think it could be great. about 10 of my followers have come from noisediary and i will consider placing a link on my blog.