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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Another CLI Post

I am posting yet again from the CLI (Command Line Interface) - saving as many resources as I can on my trusty 8GB Acer Aspire One (don't ask me why... Considering I have a host of computers and servers at my disposal).

I was recently banned from Google AdSense - something that hasn't bothered me at all (surprisingly - I had my account to over9000)!

I am asking everyone who reads this post an image or reply to a thread over at:

This would be greatly appreciated (Did you see the ads as well?).

Now all I need to do is make this Automated...


  1. Automate it up man.
    That reminds me, I should really look at getting a larger flash drive. Well, actually I suppose I don't need one since i just picked up that tine external hdd...

    lol have a good day mate.

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  3. I got banned too but for other reasons. I have a whole rant about it on my blog.