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Friday, October 1, 2010

Removing A Blog

It seems that the 'good thing' i tried to do might be back firing on people. This is a BIG might - as there is no way to prove it.

If it is my site that is causing this problem, I sincerely apologize.

I have since removed any code that may have been causing such problems.

Please DO NOT THINK that I have done anything maliciously on purpose.

If you would like your blog removed from Blong, please feel free to email me at

NB. I am trying to make Blong! a complete search engine. For those who have submitted their sites and will continue to support it, thank you!


  1. I wasn't aware of any problems. What's this Blong you speak of?

  2. sorry about that man, i wasn't insinuating that it was you who collected the list.

    anyway, it seems that there's no need to remove our blog from the blong. when you change the url, the old one will not redirect to the new one.

    i'll still put my blog in the blong. i'll just modify it.

    again, sorry about that.