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Friday, October 1, 2010

The Firing Squad

A 43-year-old Sydney man has been arrested in Bali after allegedly being found with 1.7kg of the drug ice in his luggage.

Michael Sacatides was arrested after landing at Bali's Ngurah Rai International Airport on an Air Asia flight from Bangkok, Thailand at around 11.30am.

"When passing through the X-ray officers became suspicious of a plastic bag in his luggage," customs official Bagus Endro Wibowo said.

He was arrested after officials allegedly found four bags full of methamphetamines in his suitcase.

Sacatides is from the western Sydney suburb of Wentworthville, has reportedly been working in Thailand as a kickboxing instructor.

The Daily Telegraph has reported that Sacatides told police he was given the suitcase by an Indian man in Bangkok.

Sacatides could face the death penalty if found guilty of the crime.

Should people face the firing squad if found smuggling drugs? Why?


  1. I believe the firing squad is too harsh a punishment for smuggling

  2. Australians really need to learn to stop travelling through these draconian Asian countries while carrying drugs.

  3. The firing squad really seems like a weird punishment for any crime. A number of men with guns, only one with an actual bullet. What is the mental effect is has on the squad?

    Also, since when is death a proper punishment for drug smuggling?

  4. death penalty as a capital punishment is just too harsh. especially firing squad. i think that a nation who still use firing squad as a capital punishment is just too primitive.