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Thursday, October 28, 2010


Although you may think I am here because I have written this entry... I am not!

I am actually sitting in a Public Internet Cafe - and it sucks!

So I am still now here. However, I am doing what I do best - and that goes without saying!

Thank you for the Sword, the Bow and the Axe - they are appreciated!

Remember to also get - The next release will be uploaded in the next few days so make sure you are added to!

To Infinity And Beyond!


  1. I hope you will be successful with that....

  2. or you could use the post scheduler.
    it changed my life
    (for ex. you can keep posting even though you're on vacation)

  3. Internet cafes ugh... I feel you man.
    Hope you get to your home internet soon

  4. Cool. However, it is much better to use the internet at home. Hope you get it back soon!