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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Working With Blong! And The Blogger API

I am still working with the Blogger API for the Blong! project - something that has been taking up way too much of my time (when I put my head down and get into it!).

I am using the Blogger API with two different languages now - PHP for the Blong! website and Python for another project I am working.

Firstly, let me tell you what has happened to Blong!

So at the moment we have a MySQL database that is contains the URL, an email address (optional), the Page Title (or No Title), a ranking number and an entire HTML snapshot of every blog that is listed at Blong!

Why do I have a snapshot of the HTML of every blog? I don't know yet. But the collection of data is quite large and I guess it will read like a 'good novel' one day. This data, along with the Title is all gathered using two scripts that I have created.

What I am working on though is a 'scraping' tool that, when run, it will collect the text of all the last posts that were submitted be every user with this text than indexed for a more functional search feature. The only problem is - I can't seem to get it too work.

I have added a 'test' row to the MySQL database and hopefully, with a few more tweaks, it will contain the body of the last posts... Maybe... Hopefully.

I have almost completed a tool that will weed out dead blogs - It should also be finished in the next few hours. At the moment, the script will show me which blogs and links are dead, I just need to add the MySQL statement to execute the deletion of this data.

I am also adding a Review Blog module so everyone can leave comments about other peoples blogs. This will assist in sorting search results as well as the Rating system we have.

And that was just the PHP side of Blong! and the Blogger API.

Like I said before, I am also working with Python and the Blogger API.

I won't ramble on for too long about this project as it is still in its infancy. So to make a long story short:

I am creating a desktop client so people can see the updates of those that follow in real time. There will be the obvious features included as well, as this tool is for those of us who take these blogs quite seriously.

As per usual, here are the links to several items that might interest you. - Get a FREE Joomla OR Drupal powered Sub-domain - A very simple search engine for Bloggers (best search result: .com) - This is very slow (still) but it helps for everyone on the list.

If your website has been deleted from the Blong! search results, simply resubmit your details. I have now finished the system that can weed out the dead/non-conforming blogs.


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  4. i just hate it when i want to learn smthing new and i dont know where to start

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  8. Added my blog to it, very interesting.

  9. Thanks for the info. I'm gonna give it a better read later and check more into it.

  10. not working correctly for me anymore... it doesnt load all the blogs anymore, it starts to then autofeeds me into one blog... is it just me?

  11. Every time i go to the link it starts to load as normal... then moments later i am redirected to stevemcnash 's blog with in the url window... ive never used linkbucks and my browser is google chrome :/

  12. also worked perfectly fine the first few times i used it

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