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Saturday, September 18, 2010

This right here...

See this here? This is what I am drinking right now!! And right now, I am drinking that!

It's not that often you will get a drunken rant from me... But when it happens... Well it's not that interesting. Why?

Well I have a tonne of movies that I need to watch (with the GF) and if I don't, well, you will probably never read another blog post from me.

So tonight the movie list is as follows:

  • Observe and Report (Seth Rogen)
  • Lord Of War (Nicolas Cage)
  • Good Hair (Chris Rock)
Now now... No need to laugh! Just let me get through this night and than I will take as many requests as you can throw to me!

Drink up, be merry... and drink some more!


  1. now a cold beer would be nice.
    I prefer a Heineken. ;)

  2. I prefer anything over beer... But beggers can't be choosers!

  3. Lord of war sounds interesting... which movie did you like best?

  4. cool!supportin bro :)

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  5. fuck yeah! movies with the gf!

  6. very nice!

    Support and follow u!

  7. Chilled Pepsi for me I'm at work tomorrow.

  8. I love drunken rants.. makes me know that I'm not the only one doing it.

  9. Both Observe and Report and Lord of War are actually pretty great movies.

  10. good enough to get over the nigh have phun

  11. Showing daily support here as well, got to love some beer! Have a nice day!