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Thursday, September 2, 2010

The story so far...

With the few comments I have had, this is the story so far...

It's hard not to run back home, especially when there isn't anything waiting for me but trouble.
I can't go back, though. Not after my mother kicked me out of the house. My mother was like that some times. Ever since I called her a slut and threw her dog under a car. But she deserved it So I sat on a bush and asked myself, "WHY?"

Rain pierced through the sky as if the gods themselves were crying, Jack too started crying at the scene before him.

'How could it have gone so wrong? What had I done to deserve this?'

Lets keep it going...


  1. then I went to live with my aunt and uncle in bel air?

    just joking

    don't know what to add, but its good so far

  2. Interesting. It's like depressing poetry.

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