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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Stig: Exposed

So it has finally happened... Again!

The Stig, Top Gears famous man in the white suit, has been unveiled as Ben Collins.

So who is Ben Collins?

Collins, 35, has worked as a James Bond stunt double and made his first foray into the high-octane motor sports world in 1994.

He is the second person to play the Stig who has revealed his identity.

Previously another racing driver, Perry McCarthy, played a black-suited Stig but was replaced by Collins as the white Stig in 2003 after McCarthy also revealed his identity in a book.


  1. It can't be! What will they do if they kill off the white suited Stig? A blue suit? No way.

  2. :c sadface.jpg anyway supportin'

  3. cool story bro now following 'n' supportin' ;)

  4. I saw this. Clarkson went a bit crazy after he found out he had been exposed.

    Following your choice of news :P