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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Service Call

The time difference between the majority of my readers and myself is quite significant - I live in Australia and the majortiy live elsewhere (remember my thrid last post?).

With this in mind, I have decided to let everyone know about the few services that I have on offer FREE OF CHARGE!

Firstly, we have Blong! - this is a simple Blog Search engine and rating tool.

We have Desktop - Keep all your files on our Online Operating System/Desktop - You can even SHARE your files with other members!

We also have an Image Board for people to use - 61chan - I guess I needed to do something!

All these tools are built for you. I hope you enjoy them. And remember, if you have a suggestion or a request, please let me know! 9/10 requests will occur!

Edit: Damn you HostMonster. They are trying to fix the problem. Please make sure you bookmark all links and visit these sites. They are to benefit everyone!


  1. The links, they do not work for me D:

  2. Update: Server is down at the moment... Thanks HostMonster for being useless twats!

  3. maybe something similar to the blong but only one page at a time. and it has a timer, like 15seconds and then another blog will show and so on and so forth.

    something like that so that i can leave my pc alone and it will still visit different blog.

  4. Naj - I will do this in the next week

  5. very good tips mate. Information information information :)

  6. Naj's idea is great. GJ on the blong bro

  7. desktop stuff is great, thanks man.

    smoochies n' poopies! :*

  8. dude, is there any way to remove my blog from the blong?

    seems the reason why a lot of adsense account was being disabled was because of a list of blog that is being circulated.

  9. Nice collection of information, I know I submitted my blog to blong but only to try get people to read my blog not for personal gains....