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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Remember: VIEWALL

If you want to show love, remember to click on the Viewall

It might take a minute or two to load, but it does get those much important page impressions built up.

The Viewall is being replaced by Blong! - which will have the iframe built-in to the search result, reducing load times compared to the current format.

EDIT: I quickly added the IFRAMEs to the Blong! Search Engine - You can now view 5 IFRAMEs at a time which is much easier than trying to load over 100. Remember to use a simple search string ie Blogspot or .com. Also the higher your Blong! the more chance of your page being on the front page.


  1. showing my support today, share back

  2. showin some support

  3. Solid advice, keep em coming.