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Friday, September 3, 2010

Its Called Blong!

Since I started this whole "blogging" thing, I have been testing myself with a new programming challenge: To create a search engine for those of us that are "in the know".

And right now, I am flying through the code.

So what is the purpose?

Well, not much at the moment because it uses only basic 'search' features from MySQL at the moment (although it uses several factors).

And how will this help us that are "in the know"?

I am working on saving every blogs HTML (the first page only) and/or displaying an IFRAME, much like the Viewall PHP file. But because of the pagination, it might make it a little easier, and quicker, to display the frames (to increase impressions). Sure it might take a few more clicks at the moment, but it is still so much easier to increase ALL impressions.

You can also 'Blong' your blog or any other blog that you find interesting. This increases your blog ranking pushing it to the front. This is not finished yet BUT it does work!

If your blog hasn't already been listed, you can still add it via thecircle. Stay tuned for more updates!

Click this to visit the Blong Search Engine (Blog Search Engine)!

EDIT: If you search for "blogspot" it will yield most results - and some links wont work because of the lack of http:// in their title - Working on fixing this over the weekend!!!


  1. Yes, thank you for this! I was hoping someone would come forward with something like this.