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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Another Day Has Come To Another End

Well it has been yet another day. And like the one before, it has come to an end!

So let me summarize the whole day for you reading pleasure.

I was awoken at about 7:45am by my mobile phone ringing. It was my father-in-laws number. But I knew that he would still be asleep fighting yet another hangover from the night before.

Answering, with the sound of a deep sleep still in my voice, my partners little sister is on the other end. What in the world could she want?

She wants nothing more that to come and utilize the facilities and utilities (bahahaha) that we have - and by this, I mean the Internet and house phone.

The rest of the day has been working on a PHP script for a client down on the Gold Coast (QLD) and helping out fellow bloggers - which has been driving my partner crazy!!!

We started writing a novel together - and got as far as the first paragraph. I think it won't take off though. It would be good to wake up and have an entire story written here though.

The Viewall is working - although it needs a lot of refining. And by alot, I mean a whole "rewrite".

And now it is bed time. Hope you enjoy the MP Image!!!